Rallies held in support of Syrian refugees and against them

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Outside of Governor Tom Wolf's mansion in Harrisburg stood two groups of people. Half the of the crowd is against Wolf's decision to allow Syrian refugees into the state and the other half supports his decision.

"We feel sorry for a lot of them, but we cannot differentiate who is who so we have to stand firm and protect our family and children and our loved ones," said Jane Taylor Toal.

"None of these people here have anything against immigration. We support it 100% if it is done the right way," added veteran,  Christian Yingling.

States legally have no authority to do anything. The Constitution allows the federal government to decided who is allowed in the country. The states can make it more difficult.

"I believe in this country and I believe it’s right to help when we can and we can so we should," said veteran, Andy Guthrie.

"We feel that the response to the Syrian refugee crisis shouldn’t be fear and hatred. Instead, we should show our compassion, our humanity," said  Rabiya Khan.

President Obama said he would veto a bill that requires more vetting of Syrian refugees.