Women in recovery learn self defense

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YORK, Pa. - Being "stone sober" can be dangerous for women in recovery. The saying refers to people being bored once they get off of drugs. The York Chapter of Not One More wanted to think of something fun for women, in recovery, to do that would also be beneficial.

"I wanted to give them something to give them more confidence, more self-esteem, empowering," said Alyssa Rohrbaugh.

She planned a self defense class with  George Matheis from Modern Combative Systems.
"The vast majority of women, whether it was reported or unreported, are victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse or mental abuse and a lot of that is what fuels their addiction,"said Matheis.
In a three hour, free class he taught them the basics of how to get away from an attacker.
"I want them to fight like a cat, not like a dog. A cat fights to get away, a dog fights to win. I don’t want them to win, I just want them to get away," he said.
Everything George teaches he wants people to be able to teach others in case they don’t make it to one of his classes. A big take away it to always have a pen on you. It can be used as a weapon.
"I feel more confident and I think the most important thing is just not putting myself in those situations anymore," said recovering addict, Cortni Darling.

A class will be offered in December, January and February. As long as there is interest they plan to host more and at different times.

Matheis is also a retired police officer. Not One More feels the class could bridge a gap between civilians and police.

"These guys, in recovery, can see that the police officers are not bad people. Maybe they’ll reach out to them more often, maybe they will be honest with them, maybe they will turn to them," said Rohrbaugh.

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