Local travelers cautious after alert

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LANCASTER, Pa. --  Millions will be packing their bags and heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ahead one of the busiest travel periods of the year, The U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert, following the recent terror attacks in Paris.

To keep passengers safe Amtrak has beefed up its security with more k-9 and uniformed officers. Staff is also on high alert.

"We are certainly monitoring world events and paying attention. Our staff are paying attention to folks who may be in areas they are not supposed to, and don't have proper ID. They are also paying attention to unattended bags and just being more vigilant," said Amtrak Spokesperson, Mike Tolbert.

Gary Gasowski of Hanover loves the riding on the train. He didn't hesitate to hop on one with his wife to visit their son in New Jersey. He said the extra security helps, although the recent events are in the back of his mind. "You have a life to live, and people to see. The clock is ticking for all of us to have as much fun as we can, in the time we have. So I think that should be foremost in your mind. Not the fear," said Gasowski.

Airlines passengers are dealing with the same vigilance. Some major airports are recommending that travelers arrive at least two hours early to deal with the extra people and security. Autumn Wyndham flew from Savannah Georgia to see her dad in Harrisburg. She recommends arriving extra early. "I almost missed my flight actually because I had to go through baggage claim, and they had to go through my bag, they had to search it," she said.

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