Family and friends mourn man’s death as police search for suspects

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Around 7:00pm on Friday, Rayon Braxton was shot multiple times at Braxton Hall on Carlisle Street, according to police. The investigation is on-going and there are no suspects at this time. While police continue to search for the killer, Braxton's family and friends are missing him.

"I just want his legacy to live on," said Najee Banks, Rayon's cousin.

Banks says Rayon ran Braxton Hall. It was meant to be a community center where kids could hang out. Braxton was trying to keep kids out of trouble and to make the community a better place.

"He wanted to give back to the community, change the community and give back to the youth," said Banks.

Occasionally they did host parties. Braxton Hall remains closed at this time. They say they do plan to talk to the owner of the building to see if they can reopen it. They want it to become a community center and say the parties that were held there are over. Rayon also planned to stop hosting parties.
"It’s all for the kids. We gotta give back to the kids. I can’t have my son subject to any violence in this community," said Banks.

The violence that took away a son's father, Banks' sons godfather, and Banks' cousin. They want a suspect arrested.
"Nobody understand how much it would mean to me. I wish he would just turn himself in so we could all be at peace right now," Tauhidah Palmer, Rayon’s friend.

A gofundme account has been set-up to assist in covering funeral costs and opening a new center.


According to the page:

"On the night of November 27th, 2015 many friends and family experienced a tragedy. The uplifting and highly motivated life of Rayon Braxton was taken away from us through a senseless act of on going gun violence. Rayon had a very strong passion and cared deeply about the community, so much that he started a dance hall called Braxton Hall, which ultimately gave a lot of people things to do on a Friday night instead of being in the streets. He recently was looking for ways to move his venue to a better neighborhood and make it much safer due to many reasons such as the violence going on around his venue. This money will go towards keeping his legacy alive and looking for a new venue to do so as well as some to his family to help with funeral cost and expenses. Please donate anything you can. Any and every donation will be appreciated and would help give the community as well as the family & friends of Rayon feel his uplifting and motivated spirit forever,"!


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