Harrisburg community protests violence after two men killed in separate shootings

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Calling for an end to the bloodshed, Harrisburg residents took to the streets to protest the violence in their city. About 30 people gathered for the "Stop the Violence Walk" on Market Street on Saturday morning, but that number soon grew to about 100 by the afternoon. Members of the community were also marching side-by-side with the families of victims.

The walk was planned before Friday night's two murders, which happened nearly an hour apart, so the event took on a new meaning for those taking part in the walk.

"We're tired of it," event organizer Nia Lloyd said,  "we want the community to come together with some unity and to try to spread some peace, eliminate the violence."

A teen has been arrested in the murder of 25-year-old Rashaad Gallmon-Queen.

Police are still looking for the killer in 25-year-old Rayon Braxton's murder.

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