Off-and-on showers, clouds, and patchy fog continue

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The clouds, off-and-on showers, and patchy fog continue through Wednesday.

With the showers and drizzle, our high in the mid 40s will feel pretty chilly.

Out The Door - PM DREW

Tonight, we keep those mid 40s for lows because our temperatures go up a few degrees over the night. This happens because a warm front passes over us.

This warm front lays the groundwork for warmer air to come up from the south tomorrow. Even though we get highs in the low 50s, it will still feel pretty chilly because of the showers and clouds.

The showers finally end early Wednesday night. Then, the clouds break up to reveal partly cloudy skies later in the night. With fewer clouds in the sky, we'll drop to 38.

On Thursday, the clouds will fill back in for the morning hours as some energy passes over us. The energy will even cause a shower for a spot or two.

Thursday afternoon, an area of high pressure starts affecting our weather. So, the clouds break up, and you'll see partly sunny skies.

Thursday night, the skies clear, and we get chilly as a result. Look for lows near 30.

The area of high pressure gets even closer to us on Friday, so enjoy mostly sunny skies. Our highs come in just a few degrees above average in the upper 40s.

Then, with the high right over us on Saturday, we'll have completely sunny skies and highs in the low 50s.

Into the mid 50s we go on Sunday with more sunshine.


On Monday, we'll still have mostly sunny skies, but we'll go back down to the low 50s. This happens because a weak cold front crosses over us on Sunday night.

The "colder" weather doesn't last long because temperatures go on the rise to the mid 50s again next Tuesday. We'll see more sunny skies, too.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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