People donate to charities on Giving Tuesday

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YORK, Pa. -- It's the time of year where buying turns into giving.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is just the opposite.

The CEO of the YMCA of York County, Larry Richardson, said it's a day to encourage people to donate to non-profit organizations.

"It really is also about us and other non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, it gives us another opportunity to tell our story of the impact that we have in our communities," Richardson said.

After people spend money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, non-profits hope they will go on their websites and donate.

Kate Harmon, marketing and community outreach coordinator for Family First Health, said, "In the holiday season I get really wrapped up in marking people off my list and did I get the right gift for people and it could become really overwhelming, but my family's always impressed upon me the importance of giving back. So Giving Tuesday is a nice way to do that."

But there are a couple things you need to look out for before donating.

According the the Better Business Bureau, 65 percent of Americans don't explore where their money is going before they donate. Researching a charity thoroughly before donating is important.

Richardson said, "I would hope that people would look into: Is the charitable organization credible? Are they registered in the state of Pennsylvania? Are they truly a nonprofit organization and carry that registry? What is their credibility and reputation in the community?"

York County non-profits started getting together to raise funds last year. They have their own way of verifying they are credible.

Margo Shaw, fund development director of York County Literacy Council, said, "In York County, the United Way has listed all the organizations that are participating it, which brings validation to the organizations."

The Better Business Bureau said people who donate should look out for charities that pressure you to give on the spot, and charities that have similar names.

To see a charity's report, go to


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