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Jewelry creation empowering local homeless women

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LANCASTER, Pa. - A few years ago, a group of women served at Water Street Rescue Mission. They felt a connection with the women staying there and were inspired. They started Revolution.Lancaster, a jewelry company thats jewlery makers are transitioning out of homelessness.

"It brought out a creativeness inside of us that we didn't know we still had because of things a lot of us have gone through to forget that we had that," said maker Tammy Flanagan-Baham.

She survived abuse and is empowered by making and selling the jewelry. She profits off of each piece sold. They make jewelry on Wednesdays.

"On weekly ongoing basis where we interact, share together, encourage each other and spend time together," said Ina Eunell from Revolution.

The jewelry is also sold at store including Love, Give, Live a a shop that gives 100% of their profits to non-profits.