Lancaster man caught a 2nd time groping females

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Luis R. Diaz-Baez

LANCASTER, Pa. — A Lancaster man was recently sentenced for groping a woman he didn’t know in February – five years after he was charged in similar incidents near McCaskey High School.

Luis R. Diaz-Baez, 31, was released from prison after serving three months, according to a judge’s order, and will serve 20 months on parole.

He also must register with  under Megan’s Law, for the next 15 years.

Diaz-Baez previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of indecent assault without consent.

Lancaster city police charged Diaz-Baez with fondling a 22-year-old woman he didn’t know, over her clothes, in the 100 block of Sherman Street.

Surveillance cameras recorded parts of the incident, showing Diaz-Baez, the woman, and his vehicle. That evidence would have been presented at trial.

Diaz-Baez was arrested in 2010 in connection with a series of gropings of McCaskey High School female students, near the school. He eventually pleaded guilty to harassment.