‘Porngate’ investigation could cost $2 million

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The state government has not passed a budget and the Attorney General's office wants to potentially spend $2 million on the Porngate investigation. That's the investigation about pornographic and rasict emails being sent between state government workers.

"What exactly is the crime at hand," asked Muhlenberg College politicial science professor Chris Borick.

FOX43 spoke with Chuck Ardo, Attorney General's Office spokesperson, who said the investigation is important to win the trust of the public.

"Restoring faith is important to the Attorney General, and it should be for all Pennsylvanians," Ardo said.

That faith comes at the potential cost of $2 million. The money is tax dollars from the Attorney General budget. Ardo said the office will look into finding savings in other areas if the budget does not cover the cost.

He said Attorney General Kathleen Kane feels this is a good investment.

"The judicial system can't work properly if you don't have faith that it is impartial and fair," Ardo said.