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Pet pot-bellied pig shot, killed by bear hunter

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MONTOURSVILLE, PA —  A family’s pet pig is shot and killed after a hunter mistakes it for a bear, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Chopper, the 5-year-old pot-bellied pig had the run of his owner’s 12 acre property in Lycoming County. But last Monday he was in the hindquarters by a hunter.

Owner Rick Wolfgang still has one pig, Pork, that he believes misses his friend. “The way he’s acting now, he’s kind of missing him, I believe, because they used to lay next to each other when they slept,” Wolfgang told WNEP.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the hunter shot onto Wolfgang’s property.

Wolfgang says the hunter did come to apologize, but along with shooting his pet, the real problem was that he shot towards his house.

“I mean once you pull that trigger you have to be responsible for that bullet and where it ends up, that’s your responsibility,” said Wolfgang.

The hunter may end up paying a fine for shooting into a safety zone, but any citation is still pending, according to the game commission.

Wolfgang just wants hunters to take an extra look before they shoot.