Wow! Animal shelter celebrates after every last pet is adopted

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Fort Wayne, IN  —  An animal shelter -that has run out of animals? That’s not something you hear very often, but it’s exactly what happened in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control ran a special for Black Friday.  Normally puppy adoptions are $100, but for one day it only cost $10.  The same deal went for dogs of all ages.

Customers were allowed to name their own price on cats.  And the results of that sale- an empty animal shelter.

“It brought out people in droves. Hundreds of people came by that day and we adopted all of our available pets that day.” said Jodi Hamilton, the shelter’s spokesperson, It was such an exciting thing for us because it’s so rare that we have adopted all of the dogs that we had available for adoption. They’ve all gone home. It’s so beautiful and wonderful for all of us to see that happen.”

About 30 pets were adopted, and Jodi says in the eight years she’s been there, this is the first time there were no available dogs to adopt.

Shelter workers are still keeping busy though, there are still some dogs that are being tested for temperament before they can come into the adoption program.

“The majority of the time, the kennels are full. So this is kind of a really fun moment for all of us to celebrate and kind of stop and take a deep breath and say wow, this is why we’re here.” Said Jodi.

But she knows it will just be the calm before the storm, “There never seems to be a shortage of pets that are in need of homes, so although today we’re celebrating, By tomorrow, we’ll probably have full kennels again and be asking adopters to help.”