Community raising funds for Harrisburg homicide victim’s funeral

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - A man trying to make a difference in Harrisburg was murdered on November 27. Police are still searching for Rayon Braxton's killer. In the meantime, his family is struggling to find the funds for his funeral.

Sunday night, at Harrisburg Middletown Art Center, multiple bands played a benefit for Braxton's family. Furthermore, they brought people together which is what Rayon was trying to do at Braxton Hall. The hall was a community center for kids. His death has many people calling for the violence to stop and for people to focus on making Harrisburg better for the future.

"It`s sad that it took a loss like this to create such a movement but in the same breath, it`s still a blessing because we are making a movement and progress nonetheless," said  Rayon's friend, Chantze Davis.


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