Division in legislature over budget

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- A day of new hope for the state legislature. The Senate approved the budget, but now it has the challenge of making it through the House of Representatives.

"It's frustrating to not be able to reach a consensus," Senator Jay Costa said.

Both chambers agree the budget needs to be balanced.

"We have to make the appropriate actions to stabilize our condition in Pennsylvania," Costa said.

"I want to see a balanced budget because Pennsylvanians have to balance their budgets monthly," Representative Mike Regan said.

The issue is how to balance the budget. Some in the Senate want to make new or raise taxes, but some in the House want to see cuts made in government spending.

"For the most part they're taxes that would relate to what I would call 'sin taxes,'" Costa said.

He said it would be a tax on cigarettes and tobacco.

"Before we go to our taxpayer one more time with our hands out, let's see what we can cut in state government," Regan said.

The House has to go through considerations before they vote on the budget. The earliest they will vote will be later this week.

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