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Pipe bomb explodes through an apartment wall in Akron Borough

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AKRON, Pa. -- A pipe bomb went off in an apartment complex in Akron November 27 and police say the detonation could have inflicted serious bodily injury or death. It happened on Friday shortly after 4pm in the 1st block of N 10th St. Residents of the apartment complex reported hearing a loud bang. Rodney Steininger found a hole in his bedroom wall and a metal cap on the bedroom floor. The cap measures 1 ¾ inches in width and weighs 5.71 ounces.
"If I’d have been here sweeping and stuff like that. I’d kill me," said Steininger.


The cap entered through this wall

The cap entered through this wall

There was also damage to another interior wall in his bedroom. The cast iron cap, which appeared to have been threaded onto a piece of broken off metal pipe, entered the west facing exterior wall.

" The base of the pipe bomb landed there on my bed. That’s when I called 911 then," said Steininger.

Police searched the area behind the apartment complex in a wooded area, but could not locate anyone or any other evidence.

This is inside the apartment where the cap. Police say the detonation could have injured or killed someone.

This is inside the apartment where the cap entered. Police say the detonation could have injured or killed someone.

A neighbor reported seeing a young male running from the wooded area right after the detonation.

Akron Borough Police were assisted by certified explosive specialists with the ATF and an ATF certified explosive detection K-9.  Police believe the victim was not targeted.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Akron Borough Police Dept. at (717)859-6600.


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