DA: Thief who cost his employer $300K wants plea back

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Daryl L. Shupp

LANCASTER, Pa. — A Denver man currently  serving up to 12 years for stealing $300,000 from former employers wants a new sentence.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court on Monday denied Daryl L. Shupp’s appeal, finding that Shupp knew full well he was pleading guilty in 2012 and the sentence would be up to the judge.

Shupp, now 40, is serving 4 to 12 years for stealing the money, most of it – about $292,000 – while employed 10 years as information technology manager at Credit Bureau of Lancaster.

Shupp directed his superior to write checks for software or services, but deposited those checks into an account he created.

The business’ president said, back in 2012, the thefts crippled her business and cost employees raises and bonuses.

Shupp stole the additional funds at Laser Lab in Ephrata.

On his  appeal, Shupp claims there was a plea agreement worked out between prosecutors and his initial attorney.

He eventually pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor counts of theft.

The Superior Court, in its opinion, found that Knisely’s denial of Shupp’s initial appeal was appropriate. Shupp knew he pleaded guilty with an understanding there was no set sentence, the high court found.

Upon release, Shupp will serve parole, followed by 7 years of probation.

To date, he’s paid just over $1,000 in restitution to the victims, court records show.