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Investigation underway after dog found near Conestoga River

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CONESTOGA TOWNSHP, Pa.--Police have released new information concerning a dog that was found injured near the Conestoga River in Lancaster County on Wednesday afternoon.

Initial reports indicated  the dog was found abandoned in a burlap bag near the water along Conestoga Boulevard in Conestoga Township. However, investigators say it remains unclear as to how the male pit bull ended up in his predicament.

Authorities are still trying to figure out whether it was an intentional act of animal cruelty or if it was purely accidental.

New information released Thursday indicates the dog was found by a hunter-- tangled in a duck blind overhanging the river, according to a post on Southern Regional Police Department’s Facebook Page. He was trapped and wrapped tightly in burlap netting, which had been stored in the duck blind, the post stated. The dog was severely malnourished and suffering from hypothermia.

"My heart was breaking, the tears were rolling," Willows Street Animal Hospital employee Karen Summers said.

Police are looking into whether the dog accidentally entered the duck blind and inadvertently tangled himself in the netting to stay warm.

The dog was taken to the Willows Street Animal Hospital for treatment.  Investigators say the dog will be adopted by one of the animal hospital employees if an owner is not located within 72 hours.

Right now it is in the foster care of Summers. If no one claims the dog, she will be the owner.

"This is fun for me because I love the animals and taking care of them," Summers said.

Anyone with information on the dog’s owner is asked to call police at 717-872-0352 or email Officer Carter at CarterD@police.co.lancaster.pa.us.