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Mild temps changing up business

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  The snow guns are ready to fire at Roundtop Mountain Resort, but they haven't had the ammo they need: cold temperatures.

Ski slopes in central Pennsylvania have yet to open, as mild temperatures continue to stick around.

"We're definitely starting to get people saying when's it going to happen," said Roundtop Mountain Resort Spokesperson Chris Dudding.

"Ideally, we'd love it to be at night below the mid-20's, and during the day below the mid-30's. Several days in a row is ideal," said Dudding. The past two years the slopes opened in November.

"We opened the day after Thanksgiving. We got a nice blast of early cold weather, and we took advantage of it."

The resort purchased 11 new snow guns to make the process more efficient. Now they wait. But, they aren't doing a snow dance just yet. "The latest we've ever opened is December 31st, but on the average we open sometime in mid-December," said Dudding.

Other businesses are taking advantage of the unusually mild weather.

"We don't have to sit around and wait for it to set up, and we're pouring later in the season," said Sam Gray, owner of Gray Concrete Construction. He said the temperatures are perfect for working with concrete, a business that revolves around temperature. He said business is booming.

"People we might have pushed off until spring, we can kind of push them, and say hey, we can get you done a little sooner ,and it makes people happy."