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Police arrest woman for stealing packages in Lancaster

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LANCASTER, PA- Police in Lancaster have arrested a woman after they caught her stealing a package from the front porch of a house.

According to police, Gina Acevedo, 32, of Lancaster,  was seen getting out of acar that was driving very slow along the 700 block of Lehigh Avenue.

Acevedo walked up and down the sidewalk before running up to the porch  and taking a package from the stoop police said.

Police say the package contained medical supplies.

Acevedo then go into her car and drove away. Police pulled her over and found she had an outstanding warrant though Manheim Township police.

Police say Acevedo is responsible for similar thefts in the area, one incident being that she stole another package containing medical supplies.

Acevedo is now charged with two counts of theft.

Police are still investigating.