Ephrata police investigate suspicious Santa

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LANCASTER, PA- Police in Lancaster County are asking residents to be wary of Santas who may not be legitimate.

Police in Ephrata responded to an unknown person dressed as Santa Claus at the Sheetz on East Main Street in Ephrata on Sunday.

The manager told police the man was collecting donations. Officers spoke with the man in the red suit and advised him to get permission from the property and business owners to use their space for anything other than a customer.

Sheetz did not wish to have the man on their property without approval. The suspect was not arrested or cited.

A similar incident was reported to police at the Hampton Inn in Ephrata on Saturday. They say a man dressed as Santa was acting strangely in the lobby and was possibly intoxicated.

The Santa left the Hampton Inn before police arrived.

He was also reported to have been at an Applebee’s prior.

Ephrata police say it is possible the Santa they spoke with at the Sheetz was the same one at the Applebee’s and Hampton Inn the previous day.