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Muslim community in Harrisburg reacts to local man arrested for supporting ISIL

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HARRISBURG, PA -- Way before the arrest of Jalil Aziz, the Hadee Mosque in Harrisburg planned a community dinner and dialogue for tonight.

It was a chance for people of all religions to talk about current issues and promote peace.

Now the Muslim community is reacting to today's arrest of a Harrisburg man charged with providing material support to ISIL.

Harrisburg Mayor Papenfuse attended the event, saying people are not in danger after today's arrest and that we must come together.

Members of the Ahmadiyy Muslim community want people to know they promote peace. They want to spread their message and clear up confusion by inviting people into their mosque.

A member of the Mosque, Zafra Ahmed, said, "They don't represent Islam, the murderers. We represent Islam, the peaceful."

"They are as committed to peace as anyone and what we are dealing with is extremism, radicalism and it could happen in any religion." Said Mayor Papenfuse.

Ahmed added, "These terrorists are simply murders. Misguided individuals who come from an evil place."

Mayor Papenfuse insists, "We really cannot let the actions of a deranged individual tarnish an entire faith based community."

Mayor Papenfuse shared his words with people from all religions that gathered at the mosque. In the wake of 19-year-old Jalil Aziz's arrest in Harrisburg, the threat of terrorism becomes even more real.

"It absolutely hits close to home. I think it shows radicalism could happen anywhere in America." Said Mayor Papenfuse.

Ahmed said she is shocked as everyone else saying, "It's sad but it's very concerning."

Mayor Papenfuse says the public should feel reassured that law enforcement has the situation under control, and says that no one is in any danger.

Ahmed says that as a community we need to be vigilant and look out for each other.