Family determined to find their missing brother

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Kenneth Nowlan Palmer

CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, Pa.– The family of a York County man, who has been missing since Monday, is taking matters into their own hands. They have come from across the country to look for their brother and are getting a lot of help from the community.

More than 60-volunteers spread out over Conewago Township on Saturday to cover more ground. They were looking for anything that would offer clues to the whereabouts of 61-year old Ken Palmer.

Palmer, of Manchester, was last seen at about 10:00 Monday morning.

His sister, Chris Cherichello says, “We’ve done a lot of area but it’s a big area to go ahead and just conquer on our own, too many wooded areas, too many acres, too many buildings, so we reached out to the community, notifying them that we were looking and we’ve had their support.”

Another sister, Jan Stauch says, “It’s an amazing number of people who came out, firemen, policemen, we’ve had people just offer to do coffee and hot chocolate and it’s just a wonderful feeling.”

Members of the search party bundled up and headed out to look for Palmer by foot, in cars on ATVs and in boats. They’re searching for a man loved by many.
His sisters and brother came from as far away as Florida to find him.
They believe he went out for a walk, may have fallen and is hurt, cold and in need of help. They are determined to find him.

“We just need everybody to continue looking, please don’t stop,” Stauch said.

Ken’s brother, Rick Palmer says, “If you are out there, what I want you to know is we’re all looking for you, we want you back home.”

Palmer’s family is also asking people who live in the area to check around their properties, in their sheds, garages, old cars; any place where Ken might be seeking shelter.

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