Police ask people to use app to report suspicious terrorist activity

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SUSQUEHANNA TWP., Pa. -- Pennsylvania State Police asked people when they see something suspicious that could be terrorist activity to say something. But now they are also asking people to send them that information with their See Something, Say Something application.

The app allows the user to send anonymous information to the police.

Trooper Adam Reed, state police public information officer, said, "In light of recent events, it's more prevalent now than ever. So it's important that we get the message out that it is available to everybody."

He said it could be helpful in catching terrorist suspects like Jalil Aziz, the 19-year-old arrested in Harrisburg last week.

"I can't say specifically how much citizen involvement was in play there with the Aziz case, but it is a case where an app like this certainly could have helped in the investigation," Reed said.

The app is free and easy to use, and a user can send the tip through a message or photo. Police said since its release in 2013, many people have been submitting tips.

"It was getting positive reviews and a lot of people were using it, and a lot of people did download it, so I can only imagine that number has grown since then, so certainly a lot of people are taking advantage of the technology," Reed said.

Police said anyone who has information regarding a terrorist suspect should use the app or call the terrorism tip line.

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