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Christmas shopper surprised when man unexpectedly pays for family’s presents

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Shaunda Besecker

YORK COUNTY, Pa. – A gesture of goodwill  just a day before Christmas Eve in York County. Shaunda Besecker, was Christmas shopping with her 72 year old mother at Roses in Manchester Wednesday evening.

Her mother was doing some late minute shopping for the family, about 17 members total. As they were checking out, a man standing at the register asked if they were finished. They said yes, and then the stranger paid for all the items.

The man then just walked away, Besecker went after him to thank the stranger for his unexpected generosity . He just shook his head and said “Merry Christmas” and walked out of the store.

The manager at Roses said the man had been at the store doing the same thing for other surprised customers throughout the day.  Besecker said her mother lived on a fixed income and that what the man did was much appreciated.