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Neighbors react to three shootings in York

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YORK, Pa. -- Three shootings within five hours on Tuesday has some residents worried. They said with the recent gun violence, they won't let their children out to play.

Neighbors said it's time to end the gun violence. The shootings were reported starting around 4 p.m. One of the shootings occurred on South West Street and the second on the 600 block of West Princess Street.

Those victims were taken to York Hospital.

The third shooting was on North Duke Street. Police have yet to confirm if the shootings were connected. Neighbors said they are tired of hearing the shootings, and worried about their children's safety.

Megan Lang, a York resident, said, "I will not let them out here to play at all. From the time they were born, up until the time I recently moved in, no. I will not let them come out here to play. I would hardly myself come out here."

Neighbors said the violence seemed to slow down, but then it recently picked up again this past week and a half.

Lang said in the 31 years she lived in York, she's seen more violence on the streets than children out playing.