Camera hidden in shopping bag, man takes pictures up dresses and skirts at Park City Center

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Joseph Leece

LANCASTER, Pa. – Man suspected of taking taking photos up female skirts and dresses is charged with Stalking. On December, 12,  employees at a business within Park City Center, saw the man later identified as Joseph P. Leece, attempting to take video or photographs of female employees.

Leece had mounted a camera inside a large paper “GAP” shopping bag. He had cut an opening on the side of the bag and would then attempt to position the bag so the camera would take digital images up the dresses or skirts of females.

One of the employees recognized Leece from previous incidents where he had been observed acting suspiciously. It was believed he was attempting to take videos or photos before the December 12th incident, but Leece had not been identified from these prior incidents. The employee contacted Mall Security and Lancaster City Police responded as well.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage from the business as well as Park City Center security.  Their investigation confirmed there were at least two prior incidents in which Leece entered the same business and targeted female employees with this same “GAP” bag. Leece would follow the female employees around the business and pretend to look at other merchandise while positioning the bag near or under their dresses or skirts and would angle the bag so the lens was in a position to take these images. Leece would use the camera and would view or record the images on a cellular phone. Detectives have identified three victims who were targeted by Leece, but there are likely others.

This investigation continues and it is likely Leece was conducting this activity in other locations and possibly other jurisdictions.

Charges against Leece include Stalking, Possessing Instruments of Crime and Criminal Attempt – Invasion of Privacy. Following arraignment, he was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

Anyone with additional information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Detectove Randy Zook at (717) 735-3317 or . Callers do not have to give their names to give information.