Total stranger pays for customers’ gifts at York County store

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MANCHESTER, Pa. -- 'Tis the season for giving, and a stranger's kindness is touching shoppers at a York County store -- giving them a holiday surprise.

Shaunda Besecker says she was shopping with her 72-year-old mother at Roses in Manchester.

As they were checking out, she says a man came up to their line and paid their $87 bill -- and walked away.

When she caught up to him to thank him, all he said was "Merry Christmas."

"I just thought that was so cool," Besecker said. "I was like 'wow,' you never see that anymore. Like, you always hear about people saying, you know, pay it forward, but you don't actually, it doesn't happen to us. To actually see somebody do it, it was actually really cool."

Store employees say the man has paid for customers' gifts multiple times.

"It was wonderful, it really was," said Helen Pollins, who works at Roses. "It was wonderful. It makes you know there's a lot of good people out there. We just have to find them sometimes."