People enjoying mild December weather

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YORK, Pa. -- Well the weather outside was anything but frightful.

People were outside enjoying the unusual weather on the late-December day. From riding their bikes, to playing basketball. None of them seemed to be missing the cold.

Marilyn Hoffman, a bicyclist, said, "This is a beautiful day. We've met a lot of people along the trail. Beautiful weather."

Basketball player Jalen Gorham said, "It's unbelievable. It's what, two days after Christmas. Almost what fifties...high fifties...low sixties..It's great weather to play basketball."

And none seemed to be complaining about the lack of snow.

Bicyclist Tom Hoffman said, "I love it. I don't need snow. Maybe if it wants to snow on a Friday night and be melted by Monday morning that's fine with me, but other than that, I can live without it."

"I'm fine with that," Joe Shane, a hiker, said, "I'm resisting getting a snow blower, so if I don't have to shovel a lot of snow, I'm just fine with that."

But the hiker said he doesn't think this kind of weather will last long, so everyone should enjoy it while it lasts.

"Well it's weird," Shane said. "I guess short term I'm just trying to enjoy it, but I know long-term it's probably going to wreak some havoc on some of the farms and the fruit produce and things like that. But since it's out of our control, we might as well enjoy it while we have it."

And the ones who are enjoying it said this weather is bringing families and friends together.

Gorham said, "I'm really enjoying it having my family outside. Usually we don't really play outside because it snows. But I like it. It's great."

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