Chambersburg man creates app for people with food allergies

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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- A Chambersburg man created an app to send out alerts to people with food allergies.

Tim Mussmon said his son's food allergies to peanuts and tree nuts was inspiration to help others.

Mussmon said, "My wife called me in a panic. She fed him peanut butter about the size of a pencil point and within a matter of minutes he was hives head to toe, and he was wheezing. And at that point we thought there's something - something's wrong."

Mussmon partnered with Cross and Crown to create AllertMe. He said millions of people in the U.S. have food allergies, and many aren't aware of food recalls on allergen food groups. He realized in January, there can be an app for that.

"What it does is it take FDA food recall information, whether it's from an allergy or from a safety alert, and it just re-categorizes it so you can have a tool that is specific towards your needs," Mussmon said.

The app sorts the FDA recalls based on the user's allergies - from peanuts to shellfish. Now at 14-year-old, his son Owen can use the app to help himself.

"If I'm ever out at like a friends house and it pops up and they have something that like maybe like they're feeding me, and I see that it's not safe for me, I can tell them."

Mussmon said the app is an easy tool to create awareness. He said food allergies affect children like his son in many ways.

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