Dauphin County commissioners sworn in at downtown ceremony

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Dauphin County's three commissioners, who have served together since 2010, were sworn in as a group for the second time at a ceremony inside the Harrisburg Hilton on Monday.

Chairman Jeff Haste, a Republican, and Democratic secretary George Hartwick, will each begin their fourth term on the county's top board. Republican Mike Pries, the commissioner's vice chairman will begin his second full term.

Despite partisan politics inside the state capitol, the trio openly works well together. Most notably, their ability to not raise taxes in the county for 11 consecutive years.

"We just made a commitment to ourselves and the residents of this county that we're not going to do that," Commissioner Haste said of the board's bipartisan relationship. "The problems we have to solve and solutions we have to come up with aren't partisan in anyway."

Their goal for this coming term is to continue county services without being a burden on taxpayers.

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