Pennsylvania Treasury expedites payments to schools and human services

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Treasury made payments to schools and human services held up for months by the budget impasse. The treasurer said the funds were delivered in half the time it normally takes.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Treasury said the $3.3 billion in payments to Pennsylvania schools and human services will be available as early as Tuesday. They said the treasury delivered a total of 16,400 payments, and that money is going to the most needed and affected groups.

The treasurer said normally the payment process can take as long as 10 days.

Treasurer Timothy Reese said, "In this case, we have been able to pre-audit many of the payments. So, instead of it taking ten days, we're able to do this in a matter of a few days. As little as two days."

The treasury worked with the Office of the Budget over the holiday weekend to speed up the delivery payments.

Reese said the treasury is processing an additional 35,000 payment requests. Those will be available at the end of the week and delayed payments will be available in two weeks.

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