Hoverboards banned from local colleges and universities

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. - In just under a week, students will return to Elizabethtown College and they have been asked to leave their hoverboards at home.

"We think it’s a reasonable request. It’s for the safety of everyone on campus," said Andrew Powell, Director of Campus Security at Elizabethtown.

E-town was originally going to allow the boards on campus. They characterized them as a transportation device like skateboards, roller blades and bicycles.  When the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced they are investigating the root of why hoverboards are a fire hazard, Elizabethtown decided to ban the boards. Many airlines and malls also banned them.

The CPSC says they are investigating over two dozen fires potentially caused by hoverboards. Furthermore, emergency rooms are becoming filled with people who fell off of the boards.

Lebanon Valley College said in a statement they too are banning hoverboards.

"Due to safety concerns regarding fire safety and operator safety, hoverboards are not permitted anywhere on the Lebanon Valley College Campus.  The term "Hoverboards" includes but is not limited to self-balancing scooters, battery or gas operated scooters, hands- free Segway’s & electric powered skateboards.  Service related devices such as mobile scooters are permitted."

York College and Shippensburg University have yet to make a policy.

Millersville University says, "As many of you may be aware, the safety of hover-boards and similar devices has been national news for the past few weeks. Recent information has revealed that the batteries in the devices can be dangerous and prone to explosion. The devices present an unacceptable safety and fire risk, and due to the current safety concerns of this item, we have made the decision not to allow them in the residence halls for the Spring 2016 term. While I understand this is a novel and exciting item that many of you may have just purchased or received as a gift, we must consider the safety and well-being of all of our residents. Residents who have acquired them over the semester break or had them in the halls during fall semester should not bring them back to the residence halls. "

Luke Mackey is a junior at Elizabethtown. He says he will stick to his normal means of getting around campus

"I usually just walk around it’s not that big of a campus so I don’t find it that big of a deal," he said.