Warmer weather this weekend

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ABOVE AVERAGE HIGHS: After an average high of 37 yesterday, our highs go above average, today. Look for them in the low 40s this afternoon. Despite a high of 40 on Friday, we go up to 46 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday.

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CLOUDY THIS WEEKEND: Enjoy the mostly sunny skies today because you'll see cloudy skies all weekend. Eventually, we'll get a few showers out of the clouds Friday evening and Friday night. Only a few spots get a passing shower on Saturday, but we all get showers Saturday night. Those showers last through noon on Sunday.

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COLDER WEATHER RETURNS: The Sunday showers come with a cold front, so highs drop to the mid 30s for Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, clouds increase in the afternoon because we get flurries and snow showers Tuesday night into Wednesday. The flurries and snow showers come from another cold front, so down to a high of 30 we go on Wednesday.

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FYI: Some of the computer weather models we use to forecast hint at some light snow on Thursday of next week. We'll see. Too far out to even give that much thought to that quick-moving “clipper system”, but we'll keep you updated.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson