Pennsylvania farmers urge Governor Wolf to stop fracking

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Farmers from across the state have come to the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg to celebrate agriculture. But, a few local farmers also had a message on Saturday for Governor Wolf during the show's

The group Pennsylvanians Against Franking held a rally outside of the Farm Show Complex. They gathered to deliver a letter signed by over 140 of the state's farmers addressed to the governor.

They're asking him to protect farms by stopping the hydraulic fracturing. That's the process involving drilling into the earth to release natural gas.

During the rally, farmers and supporters talked about the effects of fracking they've seen-- which they say has left animals sick and has contaminated farmland.

"The entire scope of this issue, of all the gas drilling, trying to get it out for corporate to go overseas and get a better price for it.. some of the aspects of this.. people just need to think of these things," supporter Tom Church said.

Fracking advocates argue that natural gas drilling brings jobs to areas that may be struggling financially.

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