The “stinky” part of the PA Farm Show

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There are more than 6,000 animals in the Pennsylvania Farm Show. According the Delaware Valley University agriculture business major Brittany Haag, the cow eat about 100 pounds of feed a day as well as 10 gallons of water. She said they spend most of their energy on making milk or having a calf.

"But other than that, everything comes out of them," Haag said. "It's a good chuck of manure that's coming out of them."

Haag said back at school they use the manure to help fertilize the land for produce. She said it saves them money because if they didn't have the manure they would have to buy products to help with product growth.

PA Department of Agriculture Spokesperson Logan Hall said the farm show has 18.5 truck loads of manure leave the site. Each truck load is 17 tons. The total amount of manure, after you do the math, is about 630,000 pounds. He said the manure goes back to local farming.

"This manure is used at the mushroom farms across the state," Hall said.

For visitors, all that manure does end up in walkways from time to time.

"It's part of the farm show experience," Jim Brackbill from Port Royal said.

"We kind of expect it," Liz Hossler from Hanover said. "We wear sneakers so we can prepare for it."




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