Cows replacing dogs as man’s best friend?

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It's not too hard to find a cow at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. They populate the North Hall of the complex.

They serve farms well producing milk for consumption, but they also serve as friends.

"It's kind of like your pet dog, only a little bigger," Delaware Valley University sophomore Bryan Supple said.

He's been around cows for most of his life.

"If you bond with them, they'll follow you around," he said.

He's not the only the one that shared a close bond with the cows.

"It's like your best friend," Morgan Kunkel of Sunnyside Dairy Farms said. "I hang out with them. We're together all the time."

For them, it's not out of the question to sleep next to the cows in the hay.

"It's actually really comfortable. The straw keeps you very warm and the cow's body heat radiates right off of them," Kunkel said.

They said the smell of the cows is not a challenge for falling asleep. Kunkel said its the light and noise around the area in the farm show, but Supple has it a little easier.

"I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, so I can be out like that," he said.

Supple and Kunkel said the cows don't mind people sleeping with them.

"I was just taking a nap with her for about like a hour and she just puts her head right up on my stomach and we just took a nap together," Kunkel said.

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