Tracking a Monday chill and a shot at snow on Friday

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WINDY & COLD: We start the workweek with colder weather. Following the crossing of a cold front Sunday night, we only get to the mid 20s for your Monday afternoon. Factor in the relentless breezes, and we’ve got wind chills in the teens. The breezes will continue Monday night as we drop to 14. Expect wind chills near 0. The winds end late Tuesday night. As for Tuesday day, the cold continues. Expect highs in the upper 20s with more sunshine than Monday.

3-Day Forecast - PM CSV

MORE SEASONAL MIDWEEK: Partly sunny skies continue on Wednesday as highs climb to the low 30s. On Wednesday night, we’ll get some flurries. Then, up to a more seasonal 36 on Thursday. You’ll see partly sunny skies by the afternoon.

7-Day Forecast - PM CSV

WATCHING A SNOW STORM: We have our eye on Friday afternoon into Saturday. The models have locked on the track of a plowable snow storm, but we still need more time to track it–don’t bet on it just yet. At this point, the models differ on the timing and the amounts. One of the computer weather models we use to forecast did a 180, too. After keeping the storm out to sea on Saturday’s runs, it put it over us for Sunday’s runs. We need to watch that the models don’t flip-flop again. After a few more days, we’ll have a better handle on the track and timing of the storm. Also, a slight change in the track of any coastal storm means a lot less snow or a lot more snow. So, just consider this your heads up. We’ll have better data to share later this week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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