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‘It’s just insane.’ Hundreds head out to stock up on groceries before the storm

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CAMP HILL, Pa. - At the Giant in Camp Hill, Cumberland County, there are about 20 registers and multiple self checkout lines. Each register was running on Thursday as people headed to the store to stock up on groceries before the storm.

"For the duration of the storm we got some chili, we've got some soup, we got some Chinese (food) because everybody in the house likes Chinese (food) and that fills them up really well," said Sarah Heil who was shopping for her family on nine.

She normally goes to the store on Fridays, but did not want to get caught in any snow.

"I'm use to snow. I don't like the snow. I grew up in Iowa and I had my fill of snow growing up. I don't like to drive in it so, I try to avoid it as much as possible," she said.

Mike Giblin headed to the store. He recently got home from Mexico!

"Actually more than just storm provisions because I've been away for a week and now my house is out of food. So, I had to go shopping anyway," he said.

Giant continually restocked their shelves. The most popular items prove to be milk, eggs and bread! This time, bananas were also a popular item.