Preparing your car for the snow

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With snow expected this weekend, people are getting ready for the storm.

"We've been extremely busy with people knowing the winter conditions and the storm's coming," River Drive service technician John Killmeyer said.

He said the best way to prepare your car for winter is to take care of it all year long, with routine maintenance.

"One of the first things you can do is, you want to have a good battery," Killmeyer said.

He also said to make sure your fluid levels, including gas, are full. As for tires, he said to get snow tires, saying they have the treads that allow for more traction in the snow. He added, the tires need to have the correct tire pressure or you will ruin the tire.

"To high, you're only going to ride a little piece of the tire because the rest will be lifted off the ground," Killmeyer said.

PennDOT district eight spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler said to not go on the roads unless necessary. She said if you do go out then to be prepared.

"Make sure you've packed a blanket, some snacks, some waters, a flashlight, and an extra charger for your phone," she said.

Schreffler said drivers should stay at least six car lengths away from salt trucks that are clearing roads. She added, you should not pass them, as conditions are better behind the truck.