Airlines and Amtrak preparing for snowstorm

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- If you're planning to travel this weekend, you may want to check the status of your flight or train.

Most flights out of the Harrisburg International Aiport on Saturday have been cancelled - and some Friday night.

Scott Miller, the HIA spokesperson, said, "Airlines are very proactive at cancelling, and it makes sense quite frankly with a storm this size because you don't want to get airplanes and crews stuck in cities for two or three days."

All flights to and from the Philadelphia International Aiport have been cancelled and most have been at BWI.

Some travelers have been re-routed but delayed.

JoEllen Myers, a traveler, said, "We're just happy we're going to be able to get there we hope. Now the plane's delayed to Chicago for an extra hour so we're not sure if we'll get out or not."

Airlines and airports are preparing for the storm.

Miller said, "So what happening is we're going to see a number of arrivals tonight, and then those airplanes will be flown to places outside of the snowstorm. Then once it's OK, they'll bring them back in to try to get up to speed as quickly as possible on Sunday or Monday at the latest."

Amtrak has also cancelled some services going to and from the East Coast on Saturday.

Shoshana First, a traveler, said, "I'm really just trying to get there as fast as I can. That's why I'm taking this early morning Amtrak because I just want to get out of Harrisburg and get to New York before the snow sets in."

Both Amtrak and the airline stress they are canceling because they are concerned for people's safety.

Miller said, "Airlines don't want to cancel flights, they don't want to strand you places, so they're goind to do everything they can in advance to keep you home. They don't want to take any chances with safety."

To contact Amtrak, the number is (800) USA-RAIL.  Service Alerts, Passenger Notices and other announcements are posted at

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