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Forget about the milk and bread, what people are really buying ahead of the storm

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Most people run to the store for the essentials, milk, bread, and eggs, when a winter storm is about to hit, but some don’t stop there.

Topping the list of popular purchases at Weis in Spring Garden Township: potato chips and bacon. “They really enjoy, I guess, being snowed in and having a nice breakfast, and comfort foods, and snack foods,” said Store Manager Bryan Lovett.

“Cereals, oatmeal, sausage, bacon, and eggs. Lots of eggs,” said Mandie Maldonado as she showed FOX43 the items in her cart. “Breakfast first, and then playing in the snow,” she laughed.

Some Yorkers made sure they wouldn’t be left stranded at home and thirsty. “It’s been crazy. Everyone is stocking up for the snow,” said Tiffany Snedegar, Manager at Beer Barn.

“I got a case of Yuengling light bottles. I figured if I’m going to be snowed in might as well have some drinks while I’m at it,” said Ben Gotwalt of Seven Valleys.

“Breakfast, lunch, afternoon cocktails,” said Kristin Wilkinson as she decided how many bottles of wine to purchase. “We are snow shopping. Getting lots of supplies. We have already taken care of our milk. Now, this is the important one. To make sure we have libations,” she laughed, “and keep us nice and cozy for about three or four days.”

“Our normal customer pace has quadrupled in the last two days,” said Ralph Pappalia, General Manager of the Queensgate Wine & Spirits store.

And who could forget about entertainment? Yes, Redbox is a popular stop before a big storm, but that’s not the only place with movies flying off the shelves. Excitement Video has been extremely busy too. “We’ve had a lot of people come in for all of our couples stuff, we have a lot of enhancement pills, message oils, and of course all of our toys and novelties we carry,” said the store’s Grahpic Artist, Brittany Mims. “A lot of people know they are going to stuck indoors, and they want to make sure they are completely ready for the weekend.” Mims said she expected the biggest rush as people got off work and right before the snow started to fall.