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PennDOT prepares for storm

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PennDOT started preparing for this storm on Tuesday according to officials. During the week pre-treatments were done to prepare the roads for the winter weather.

"We got all of our trucks out there right now," PennDOT Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager Michael Summerville said.

He said the York County garage is running on two teams of 12 hour shifts. He said they are trying to keep the main highways and interstates clear. They will continue to work until the storm is over.

"We are here to do a job and we'll get that job done," Summerville said.

Mechanics were busy preparing trucks. Ones we spoke with said this is not the first time they have seen a storm like this, and it won't be there last. They said preparation for them begins back in the fall. They make sure everything is ready to go once winter comes.

Tonight they were fixing trucks as needed for various repairs.

"It's tires, hydraulics, line plows. Those are the main things that usually go wrong," mechanic Marcos Muniz said.

Once the trucks have their repairs, they are sent back into service.

He said as the night goes on they become more and more busy. Crews recommend you stay off the roads, but said if you have to go out to give yourself extra time. They also said to not pass plow trucks, the conditions are better behind them.