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Neighbors helping neighbors shovel out their cars in West York

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WEST YORK, Pa. - There was a parking lot plowing party going on at the Lincoln Ridge Apartments in West York. Neighbors were helping neighbors dig out their cars.

 ”A lot of people were asking if we could help them out and I figured why not," said Zachary Shoff.
"It’s been a blast getting to help people out and getting to shovel people out and play in the snow," said Michael Grozalis.
Shoff and Grozalis shoveled out Melvin Doile's truck.  Doile worked at a car dealership for 25 years and had enough "practice" clearing cars.
"Nice to be retired. I’m in no hurry to get out. I don’t have anywhere to go right now, I don’t have to go to work," he said.
Those who did venture out had a tough time getting up the hill to the complex. Neighbors even went down and pushed them up it!