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Family creates Peanuts snow sculpture

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EAST MANCHESTER TWP., Pa. -- While thousands of people were shoveling out their driveways, a father and son in East Manchester Township were creating art.

They made a Peanuts comic snow sculpture out of the snow leftover from the storm.

Lisa Woods said in years past her husband, Philip, has made Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning McQueen.

They used food coloring mixed with water to create the colors.

It took Philip and his son five hours to build the sculpture. Woods said her husband is not really an artist, but this is something he enjoys.

Woods said, "Every snowstorm he makes something, and it's kind of become the standing joke with his friends that everybody's always just waiting to see what he comes up with. So he knew he had to do a big one because everyone was talking about it all day on Saturday about what it was he was going to make."

Woods said her husband got his inspiration this year from her father, who loves the Peanuts cartoon.