Not as frigid with thickening clouds on Monday

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After another frigid start, clouds thicken Monday.




Where You Live

Clouds thicken quickly Monday. It's a bit less cold, with many locations reaching the 30 degree mark.

QUIET START: The pattern remains much quieter to start the work week, making it a bit easier as we continue to dig out. After another frigid and icy start, Monday brings partly cloudy skies. Temperatures begin to moderate a touch. Readings are in the lower 30s. Tuesday a weak system approaches. Temperatures warm through the night and day Wind Chillsahead of it, so it’s looking like mainly rain showers for the region. A few flakes could try to sneak in before the system exits, mainly at the higher elevations. However, most won’t need to be concerned. Highs are in the lower to middle 30s.



MIDWEEK: Wednesday is a quiet day with mostly sunny skies. Afternoon temperatures are in the lower to middle 30s. Thursday skies are partly sunny, with highs near 30. Friday looks quiet for now, with readings still in the middle 30s. However, we will be watching the east coast for another potential system. Right now, it’s not being as strongly indicated as last Saturday’s system. We’ll still keep an eye on it, and let you know if it becomes a concern!



WEEKEND: The weekend slowly moderates, so we’ll see more snowpack melting take place. Saturday brings partly sunny skies, with seasonable highs in the middle to upper 30s. Some more sunshine sneaks in Sunday. Temperatures sneak up a bit more too, with highs hovering near 40 degrees.



Have a great Monday!