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Postal workers try to deliver mail after snowstorm

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SPRINGETTSBURY TWP., Pa. -- Postal workers set out Monday to deliver mail, but are running into some problems.

Michael Becker, postmaster of USPS in Springettsbury Township, said, "People have shoveled their driveway out but a lot have forgot about their mailboxes."

Which is preventing postal workers from being able to deliver the mail. The post office stopped delivering mail on Saturday due to the snowstorm and terrible driving conditions.

Monday they started making deliveries again, but not before digging out their own vehicles.

Becker said, "I think the best scenario for the first couple of days is to spend your time digging out your mailbox. Making sure that there's an approach to the mailbox, so the carrier can drive up and drive away."

The postmaster said the postal carriers can't get out of the car after every delivery because there is no way the carrier can finish the route in time. A city letter carrier said many of the houses didn't have a pathway cleared to walk up.

Dan Kreiger said, "From what I saw coming down the street and from what we've done so far, I'll say it was well over 50 percent of the boxes that we can't get to."

Kreiger was delivering mail on foot by car and having issues delivering mail by both methods. He said it can be frustrating, but he understands how difficult it is to shovel a path with the amount of snow left from the storm.

He said, "Actually I am surprised by that seeing that there was a Sunday in there after the storm that people had a chance to get out and clear out. But I know it's a lot of snow and not everyone has a snowblower."

He said even with the obstacles, the post office won't give up on delivering the mail.

"I mean you saw all the places we couldn't get up. So we have to take that mail back and then bring it out again tomorrow and try. But we will try. You know. We aren't going to make too many deliveries today obviously, but we do our best," Kreiger said.