Steelton like “a war zone” after snow storm as cleanup awaits

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STEELTON, Pa. -- Residents in Steelton Borough in Dauphin County woke up Monday morning to snowed-in cars and impassable roads, with little idea of when they'd be clear.

"It reminds me of a war zone," Steelton Mayor Tom Acri said. "It’s terrible. Really, really terrible."

Steelton Borough received more than 30 inches of snow over the weekend. The borough, which mostly sits on a hill, is full of narrow roads. Front Street, along with a few other cut roads are clear, but most side streets are lightly plowed.

"There's no place to put the snow. There’s no place to put the cars," Acri said. "The residents got to understand, please,we’re doing our best."

On Second Street, a snow emergency route in the borough, most cars are buried under snow and trapped to the side of the road, unable to get out. It's a Catch-22, according to Acri, who says even if the cars are able to move, there's no place to plow the snow. The borough would have to remove the snow to a dump, which costs money Acri says he's not sure the borough can afford.

"The only way its going to get cleaned up is if we remove the snow, and we’re not sure of the funds to remove the snow," he said.

Steelton announced it will be under a snow emergency until Wednesday. Until then, Acri says, the borough's 12 public works workers will help clean roads on two 12-hour shifts. He is unsure when classes at the Steelton Highspire School District will resume.