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York making steady progress in snow removal

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YORK, Pa. - Workers continue to remove snow from city streets at a steady pace, although relief may not come soon enough for some residents.

About 70 percent of the city's roughly 140 miles of road have been cleared of snow, York public works director Jim Gross estimated Monday.

The city's snow emergency declaration will be in place through Friday, and trash collection will not resume in York until February 1.

"We understand cabin fever," York mayor Kim Bracey said. "We get that and we understand people need to get to work too. We're doing all that we can around the clock to clear our streets."

For some, the difference between having a cleared road and a street covered in snow is just a few feet, and residents are trying to stay patient.

For Gavriel Fernandez, the plows did not come in time for his street, and he was forced to miss work Monday.

"The city hasn't done anything yet so we all have to clean by ourselves, like we're doing right now," Fernandez said.

Others saw a silver lining amid the growing snow banks on the side of the road.

"We were told it wouldn't be until Tuesday that they would be out here so it was a little bit of a good thing," York resident Bradley Smith said. "It was here a day early, but still a little late."