Winter weather reminders from Penn Waste

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YORK, Pa.— As central Pennsylvania continues to dig out from a record-breaking winter storm, Penn Waste thanks residential and commercial customers for their continued patience. The excessive amount of snow on roads creates hazardous conditions for our crews. As always, the safety of our employees and the general public remains our top priority.

For updated collection information, please visit or find updates on social media at and

Select commercial routes are running today, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. To ensure we can safely and effectively empty dumpsters, please keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure access – Clear away snow blocking access to your dumpster including gates, corral and the path to direct access
  • Plow a path – The weight of our truck will compact snow on the road leading to your dumpster, creating a sheet of ice that can create a serious safety hazard for your employees and our drivers
  • Close the lid – Wet items freeze to dumpsters in these cold winter conditions, making it very difficult for our drivers to safely and efficiently empty the containers; please close your lids to keep out excess snow
  • Salt around corral pins – If you have a corral with doors, the corral pins which hold the doors can freeze, preventing access to your dumpster and preventing the opening and closing of the doors; placing salt around the pins can alleviate this problem

All residential routes are canceled for today. Penn Waste will collect double the normal volume next Monday and Tuesday. At this time, we are planning to service routes as scheduled starting on Wednesday.

Penn Waste offers the following reminders to residential customers to ensure their safety and that their trash and recycling gets collected in a timely manner:

  • Trash bags – White trash bags blend in with the snow. Darker colored trash bags make it easier for our employees to see
  • Access to trash and recycling – Please make sure there is a clear, safe path for our employees to access your trash and recycling
  • Children – If you have children who are playing in the snow, please be mindful of them playing close to the streets as visibility may be impaired for our drivers
  • Slow down before you go around – If you are behind a trash or recycling truck, please make sure you slow down before you go around; check for traffic coming in the opposite direction before passing the truck and make sure you look for our employees before trying to pass

Penn Waste thanks customers for their understanding during the aftermath of this historic storm.

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