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High snow piles create traffic problems for drivers

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SPRINGETTSBURY TWP., Pa. -- With the buildup of snow, it's harder for drivers to see around snow obstacles like snow banks.

Mary Paolantonio, who lives in East York, said, "It's a little bit difficult to see around some intersections, but on the whole I haven't had problems driving around. I've been out a couple days now and considering the amount of snow we've gotten think they've done a pretty good job."

But she said it can be a problem if people aren't cautious.

"The only thing I see is the people going too fast through some of the intersections," she said.

Another issue is making driving dangerous:

Karl Lang, who lives in Spring Garden Township, said, "I came home last night because of the accident on 83 coming through town. A lot of people walking in the streets because the sidewalks aren't plowed."

He said it's becoming difficult to share the road.

"A lot of them actually had dark clothing on. It was kind of hard to see people with one lane, cars coming both ways," Lang said.

Some people said the worst driving is in the city.

David Keene, a resident of Spring Grove, said, "I think more of the concern is in the city though of York because there's a lot of snow in there and it's hard to see over it. See the houses for people to get out and there's not a lot of room to move around."

Police said if you're driving through an intersection, drive cautiously, and if you have to walk on the street, walk toward the side.